Welcome to Beloved Companion

Beloved Companion Animal Massage & Bodywork provides in-your-home canine massage in Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, and nearby areas. Companion dogs of all agesagility and show dogs, as well as working canines and service animals, benefit from regular massage. Along with regular veterinary care, massages help maintain your beloved companion’s muscles, joints, and bodily systems in top physical condition.

Massage is a noninvasive, holistic, preventative practice that beautifully complements your canine or feline companion’s traditional care. If you have had a massage yourself, whether for rehabilitation or relaxation, you know the benefits. Our companions experience many of the physical, emotional, and environmental stressors that we do: muscle strain and fatigue, abrupt changes in the household that cause anxiety, the wear and tear of hard city streets, and the toxins of our planet.

Whether your buddy is young and plays hard, is a little grey around the muzzle and feeling the first twinges of arthritis, or is in rehab from an injury or surgery, massage will comfort, ease, enhance, relax, and rejuvenate your beloved companion.

Learning to massage your dog yourself helps you tune into what’s normal for your dog’s body … I regularly teach hands-on massage workshops in the Arlington area. Click on “Upcoming Events/Classes” to the left to see my workshops and other fun dog-related events.